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Warning to Unofficial Vendors

It has come to the attention of the Bay-Rama Committee Board of Directors that an out-of-state vending company has been selling advertising space on the back of t-shirts to local businesses and representing the shirts as Bay-Rama Festival shirts. Some advertisers were told that the shirts will be sold before and during the Festival. To avoid any confusion, we would like to clarify that these shirts are not Official Bay-Rama Fishfly Festival Shirts and this out-of-state company is not in any way affiliated with Bay-Rama. Official Bay-Rama Festival T-Shirts are only sold at the Bay-Rama Headquarters booth during the Festival.


All proceeds from the Official Bay-Rama T-Shirts, the Fishfly Festival, and other merchandise sold by Bay-Rama during the Festival are utilized for the benefit of our local community in the form of scholarships, park improvements/land donations, as well as annual events such as the Christmas Tree Lighting. Bay-Rama is a committee of dedicated volunteers who work throughout the year to build a better community. The majority of our funding is the Fishfly Festival and items sold by Bay-Rama during the Festival. Therefore, unauthorized vending and distribution of any products or materials on the Festival Midway, in Burke Park (before, during, or after the fireworks) or parade route, is not allowed. This encompasses downtown New Baltimore from the waters' edge to Green Street and a block in either direction of Washington Street. All activities must be approved by Bay-Rama and violators will be ticketed and fined by the New Baltimore Police Department. 

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